I-95 Overpass Collapses in Philadelphia

I-95 Overpass Collapses in Philadelphia after Massive Vehicle Fire, Prompting Closure of Interstate

Interstate 95 Section Collapses in Philadelphia after Massive Vehicle Fire, Prompting Travel Closure

A section of Interstate 95 in Philadelphia experienced a devastating collapse on Sunday, following a large vehicle fire that broke out beneath a highway overpass. As a result, travel in both directions came to a standstill, causing significant disruptions. Fortunately, authorities reported no immediate injuries or fatalities among motorists.

The incident unfolded shortly before 6:30 a.m. ET, triggering a coordinated response from law enforcement and fire officials. To tackle the fire, which sent a plume of dark smoke billowing into the Philadelphia sky, responders initially employed a hazmat box as a precautionary measure. By 5 p.m., fire officials confirmed that the blaze was under control.

During a Sunday evening press conference, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro revealed that the fire originated from a commercial truck suspected of carrying a petroleum-based product. Tragically, at least one vehicle remained trapped beneath the collapsed portion of the highway.

Governor Shapiro acknowledged the “remarkable devastation” caused by the incident, but stressed that no injuries or fatalities were reported among motorists on the interstate. However, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney cautioned that the situation remained fluid, highlighting the ongoing uncertainty.

Authorities continued their efforts to identify any individuals who may have been caught in the fire and subsequent collapse, as Governor Shapiro emphasized during the press conference. The investigation and recovery process are expected to continue in the coming days.

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