Did Quentin Johnston have NIL deals at TCU? Scouting the top prospect backups from the 2023 NFL Draft

Quentin Johnston, a wide receiver, has benefited from a recent NIL development by signing with Flying T Club and a few other companies. The NIL value of him is $298,000 per year. That’s good for 205th overall and 130th among college football players.

College football made waves in 2022, the first full calendar year of the NIL monetization period in college sports. That’s because players with long and short careers have pocketed checks from shoe and clothing companies, restaurants and car manufacturers.

Quentin Johnston projection project

Quentin Johnston is an imposing player who will try to excel during the judging period leading up to the 2023 NFL draft. Johnston was one of the most crucial components of a surprisingly strong TCU team that advanced to the national title game.

Johnston possesses the physical characteristics necessary to be a capable No. 1 receiver in the NFL. He has grade A quickness and is an excellent sportsman. For a guy of his stature, Johnston displays remarkable mobility and stop-and-go ability, displaying the athletic skills necessary to prevail across the turf with various types of routes.

He’s the right athlete for teams looking for a big-frame No. 1 target to focus the passing game on. While he hones his game, his skills on the field and with the ball in hand give him a fairly high ceiling.

Quentin Johnston has exploited his exceptional ability to build a good track record. He posted an incredible 22.1 receiving yards as a freshman in 2020. After suffering challenging ailments last season, he had his best statistical season with 1,000+ yards and six touchdowns. While Johnston didn’t put up impressive numbers in TCU’s meager passing attack, he was still a threat to the team.

Teams will be intrigued by his growth potential to become a future top-tier X receiver in the NFL due to his combination of size and speed, outstanding work ethic, and relentless development each year. He may end up falling lower than his numbers and physical ability suggest, due to injuries and stiffness, but he deserves to remain the first wide receiver off the board.

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