E-40 kicked out of Warriors-Kings game for ‘excessive standing’

He warriors of the golden state and sacramento kings kicked off their Northern California playoff battle Saturday night at the Golden 1 Center in Sactown, and it exceeded expectations. They were the main event for a full day of first-round postseason matchups, and the NBA certainly did the right thing with their scheduling.keeping his better for last. The young Kings held on to beat the Dubs 126-123. The action in this game was non-stop, spilling over into the crowd in attendance. Apparently, you can party, party, yell obscenities, and enjoy the game as long as you don’t stand up. too much.

Bay Area hip-hop legend E-40 found this out the hard way when he was approached arena safety and subsequently escorted away from their courtside seats during the game. According to ESPN’s Marc Spears, the rapper was removed from the game for “excessive standing.” Yes, you read it right. The story is that E-40 was standing a little too much for the taste of some fans present, so he was asked to leave the seat had no doubt paid a penny to acquire.

E-40, real name Earl Stevens, released a statement Sunday morning about his version of the incident and, unsurprisingly, his narrative. it was slightly different. Stevens claims his expulsion It was another case of racial prejudice, accurately noting that he was kicked something that is generally not against the rules at a sporting event. According to Stevens, he had been heckled throughout the game and eventually turned around to face the trolls behind him during the fourth quarter. Not long after that, Stevens and Golden 1 security came face to face and asked him to leave. Apparently the person who interrupted was a white woman, and of course 40 lost that battle no matter how tame she was in Sacramento.

Whatever the reason, we’ll likely find out more in the days to come as this series unfolds. This would never have happened in San Francisco at the Chase Center and standing for a game, for all the reasons. If the racial aspect of the story is true, then it is a bad image for the Golden 1 Center security team. Either way, getting kicked out of a game for standing up when everyone in the arena is standing up at different points during the game is ridiculous. Although, in that part of Northern California, it wouldn’t be surprising if Stevens’ version of what happened is accurate.

This series is far from over, and with the ejection of an accessory from the field of the Warriors from the opposite grass, the stakes have risen especially for the two competing fanbases.

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