Jalen Hurts’ $255 million deal is a sign of the NFL’s limited elite QB talent

Jalen Hurts takes home at least $180 million in guaranteed money.

Jalen Hurts takes home at least $180 million in guaranteed money.
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This is how you stay with your man. I guess they don’t know how to do that in Baltimore. jalen hurts you don’t have to worry about whether or not Philly loves him, well, or at least Howie Roseman loves him. And I might as well speak for the City of Brotherly Love, except how you’d be treated at the Wells Fargo Center if the Flyers lose (which is a lot) as a road fan. Hurts will reportedly sign a five-year, $255 million contract extension that will make him the highest-paid player in NFL history. If that wasn’t enough, the deal includes nearly $180 million in guaranteed money and a no-trade clause. I guess he’ll have enough “charm” around cheesesteak lovers, right?

Hurts’ haul to throw the pigskin was the obvious move for the Eagles. No team can win a Super Bowl without an elite quarterback, and no NFL player improved his performance more last season than Hurts, who went from thin ice to cult hero in Philly almost overnight. tomorrow. Despite losing a key player like Miles Sanders or both coordinators from last season to head coaching jobs, the Eagles are in a place where a route back to another Super Bowl seems likely. Their only real challengers in the NFC are the 49ers. And San Francisco is loaded except at quarterback, which is like saying you have the best three-legged cat of all time. It will be functional and smart, but it will still ride weird and eventually fall off.

Does Hurts’ work alone deserve that contract? No, not even close. But it’s supply and demand in the NFL. And with a low supply of similar parts, it’s an easy investment for the Eagles to keep the main gear in place to win another Lombardi Trophy. Hurts will only be in his fourth year in the NFL and his third as an opening week starter for Philadelphia. He had a legendary season and he needed to get a bigger bag. The biggest bag of all time? No, and his paycheck will be completed by an extension from Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow within the next five years. As amazing as Hurts turned out to be last season, a clear runner-up in the two-man MVP race, the extreme demand for someone of Hurts’ caliber drove the price of him. Hurts was nothing short of spectacular last season. he he he was not there ”best paid player ever” good.

How does Hurts’ new contract impact the NFL?

That overcompensation, both literally and figuratively, will have a ripple effect for the league other than another franchise that overtakes Hurts’ truckload of money, namely, at a front office 100 miles southwest in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson hasn’t led Baltimore to a Super Bowl or even an AFC Championship game. He has the longest proven track record and an MVP award. The Ravens know that Jackson’s asking price increased with Hurts getting his fair share. And other teams interested in getting Jackson’s services out of Maryland State will make Hurts’ contract a major talking point at any pitch.

Baltimore doesn’t have to top what the Eagles are paying Hurts to keep Jackson, but something in the stadium should be a requirement now, if it wasn’t already. The situations surrounding the two quarterbacks are hard to compare outside of direct moolah. Watching Hurts get his due won’t make jackson feel better that Baltimore has not shown him the same love. It’s a fair argument to say that Hurts deserves it more right now than Jackson. It doesn’t mean that Jackson doesn’t deserve that he too be given the main cog position of the team he plays for. His movement Baltimore.

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