Kevin Love makes a surprise cameo for the Heat’s win over the Bucks

Look who showed up.

Look who showed up.
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If you’re a casual NBA fan, you may have forgotten about Kevin Love, as it seems like he hasn’t played much since things fell apart in cleveland after LeBron James left the Angels after the 2018 postseason. Love stepped up, making a surprise appearance at the miami heats I play a win over the milwaukee dollars. By losing to Atlanta in the first play-in game last week, the Heat may have moved into the best position based on available seeds after Giannis Antetokounmpo suffered a back injury on Sunday.

Love was that X factor for the Heat in Game 1 and made some plays that helped in a 130-117 win. He did it on both ends of the floor, scoring 18 points, grabbing eight boards and creating multiple defensive plays like taking timely charges that slowed Milwaukee’s momentum, keeping Miami in the driver’s seat.

Stop getting wet! Giannis’ injury could have been prevented | andy reacts

Stop getting wet! Giannis’ injury could have been prevented | andy reacts

If the Heat continue to get similar performances from Love coupled with Giannis’ back injury, Miami could pull off a first-round upset by eliminating the number one seed overall in the playoffs. Despite Miami’s struggles, the Heat always seem to play well against the Bucks, splitting the season series this year. Giannis missed both games in Miami in January that the Heat won. Even more cause for concern is this latest back injury to Antetokounmpo, along with everything else that has hampered him throughout the season.

On top of all that, Jimmy Butler’s alter ego Jimmy Buckets returned just in time and scored 35 points to lead all scorers on 55 percent shooting from the field and added 11 cents. He did all of that and attempted just one 3-point shot in the entire game, which he missed. Pay attention to the midrange, kids. It can still be a killer if you master it.

There’s no way the Heat will win this series based on their inconsistency all season, but with Giannis’ health in question, that could be it for Jimmy’s playoff run, and the Heat need to take down conference favorites. from the east. You hate to jump ahead and say Game Two is a must for the No. 1 seed in any first-round series, but based on the circumstances, this could be just that for the Bucks on Wednesday.

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