“Lesnar is going to kill him hahaha”

Cody Rhodes’ wish was granted on the latest episode of WWE RAW, and many fans are looking forward to his match against Brock Lesnar at Backlash 2023.

The Beast Incarnate backstabbed Rhodes on RAW after WrestleMania 39 after taunting him into being his partner in a tag team match against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. Lesnar left his partner in a heap after smashing him and hitting him with an F5 at the top of the steel steps.

The American Nightmare came out last week on the red mark demanding a match against Lesnar at the upcoming Backlash Premium Live Event in Puerto Rico. On this week’s show, Rhodes got what he wanted after wading through a sea of ​​security personnel in hopes of getting to the former Universal Champion.

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar is now set for WWE Backlash 2023, and it looks like the two Superstars will be the main event of the show. The match has excited a significant portion of the fan base while some believe that the match will not live up to the hype.

He wrestling ops The Twitter handle posted the following tweet, asking fans how excited they are for the clash:

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar in #WWEKickback now it’s official! First. Time. Ever.Should be wonderful. Arousal levels on a scale of 1 to 10?

One fan joked that Brock Lesnar will probably “kill” Cody Rhodes in the ring.

@WrestleOps I’m excited, but also terrified for Cody. Lesnar is going to kill him hahaha

Meanwhile, some fans seem excited about the match and are hoping it will be a good one. They hope to see Lesnar do the same job that he has done against Daniel Bryan and Finn Balor in the past.

@WrestleOps 9. I think Cody and Brock could cook up something good given the right circumstances!

@WrestleOps 11 I never knew I wanted this until the attack, but gosh, did I ever

@WrestleOps 8, he’d be higher if he wasn’t terrified of Cody 😭

Others aren’t too excited and believe it will be a short match that will give Brock Lesnar another squash victory. Some fans also noted that the match felt “weird” since there isn’t a lot of construction going on.

@WrestleOps This is going to be weird to watch. I hope we get a good Brock and we don’t squash Brock because whenever Brock wants to, he can do a classic (he watches Bryan, AJ, a lot of Kurt stuff, etc.)

@WrestleOps 6 the match is going to be good but I don’t care since everything seems so random

@WrestleOps 5? Maybe a 6. Everything feels… kind of empty so far. Everything that happens to Cody between WrestleMania and when he finally wins the title will feel like filler to me.

WWE is likely to bill the match as one of the biggest Backlash contests in Puerto Rico. The star power of both fighters will help build excitement for the Premium live event.

Cody Rhodes’ brother thinks he’ll need to earn another world title shot after WWE Backlash

Many fans were disappointed when Cody Rhodes failed to defeat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. It looked like The American Nightmare would finally finish the story, but the creative team had other plans for him.

Cody’s brother, Dustin Rhdoes, appeared on the Popped open radio to discuss his brother’s failure. He said that Cody would win the world title one day now that he is one of the top stars in the company, but that he would have to earn another shot.

“He (Cody Rhodes) is going to be world champion, I know. I don’t know when, but he’s going to be world champion. So keep doing it, man, they’re making him pay for it. They’re making him earn it, and that makes me like it,” Dustin said.

Cody Rhodes is possibly one of the hottest babyfaces in the industry today. A win over Brock Lesnar at Backlash 2023 will surely help his cause and put him in the driver’s seat for another WWE Undisputed Universal Championship main event.

Do you think Cody Rhodes vs. Will Brock Lesnar be an instant classic in WWE Backlash? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Did a WWE Hall of Famer just say that AEW stories are for 8 year olds here?

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