Magic Johnson reveals the real reason the Warriors are 0-2 against the Kings in the 2023 playoffs

Magic Johnson gave his take on one of the most exciting playoff series in the Western Conference on Tuesday afternoon. The Hall of Fame point guard pointed to an underlying factor that could be helping the Sacramento Kings.

This year, the Kings made history with their regular season performance. While clinching the third seed in the West, they reached the postseason for the first time since 2006.

Despite being out of the playoffs for so long, the Kings are turning heads with their first-round performance. Coming off their 114-106 victory on Monday night, they have a commanding 2-0 lead over the Golden State Warriors.

With Sacramento sitting in a strong position, Magic Johnson took to Twitter to give his thoughts on his success. He feels that his secret weapon is coach Mike Brown and his previous NBA experience.

“No surprise the Kings are up 2-0 against the Warriors,” Johnson tweeted. “The Kings’ secret weapon is coach Mike Brown, who knows the Warriors very well given his role as associate head coach for 6 years.”

I’m not surprised the Kings are up 2-0 against the Warriors. The Kings’ secret weapon is coach Mike Brown, who knows the Warriors very well due to his role as associate head coach for 6 years.

After holding head coaching jobs with the Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Lakers from 2005 to 2014, Brown took an assistant coaching position on Steve Kerr’s staff. He spent six years with the organization before accepting the Kings’ head coaching job.

Magic Johnson raises an interesting point in the Kings-Warriors series

There may not have been much talk prior to the series, but Magic Johnson brings up an interesting detail in this matchup. Since Mike Brown spent so much time with this Golden State Warriors core, he could help him knock them out of the postseason.

When Steve Kerr took over as Golden State’s head coach, he implemented a big-movement system that helped turn Steph Curry and Klay Thompson into stars. Many teams have tried to copy it and few have been able to stop it.

Through two games, the Sacramento Kings have been able to slow down the Warriors offense enough to seal two wins. Brown’s knowledge of the team and his system could have a lot to do with it.

What better person to beat the Warriors than someone who has seen how they operate up close? Because of this, Brown might just be the biggest X factor in this entire series.

While the Kings are in a good position, they still have a tough road ahead of them. Now they have to go on the road for the next two games and try to steal a win.

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