Niantic is developing an augmented reality Monster Hunter action RPG

Niantic, which is perhaps best known for developing pokemon go, is working on an augmented reality version of Monster Hunter for Android and iOS devices. The company has partnered with Capcom to create what it calls a “real world hunting action RPG” titled monster hunter now. Similar to pokemon go and the other Niantic titles, including the now-defunct Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players will have to walk around with their phones to find monsters to fight. They can also team up with friends and strangers and use the materials they collect to craft weapons and armor.

According Polygon, Niantic and Capcom have revealed at a press conference that the game will be free, with in-app purchases. It will feature simplified combat comparable to Pokémon Go and will have players swipe and tap on their phone screens. Players can fight one-handed battles in portrait mode, but they can also fight monsters in landscape mode if they want to replicate the Monster hunter experience they are used to on PC and consoles.

While the franchise is known for challenging players with battles that can last for over five minutes, the maximum battle time for the mobile game will be just 75 seconds. Sakae Osumi, Niantic’s senior producer at its Tokyo studio where the game is being developed, said the company wants to encapsulate monster hunter fun battles in a shorter period of time. Long, drawn-out battles aren’t ideal for mobile games where you’re supposed to be walking around anyway. Having said that, monster hunter now It will come with a feature that will allow players to tag monsters they find with a paintball so they can battle them at home, either alone or with friends. Your Palico companions could also automatically tag monsters, even if the app isn’t open.

Niantic is now accepting signups for the game’s closed beta test, which will begin on April 25. If all goes well and the test is successful, monster hunter now it will be officially released sometime in September of this year.

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