NHL playoff games to watch: Rangers-Devils, Lightning-Leafs and more

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It’s that time again. When the loudest, most obnoxious guy in the bar tells you it’s the greatest time in sports, the NHL Playoffs. There will be some tweets on your timeline that say something that is a combination of throwing up and snorting coke, and it’s probably about watching playoff hockey. At least you better hope they are. Hockey fans want you to know that the playoffs are the best theater because they make you more miserable (there’s a connection, to be fair).

Whether the NHL Playoffs are still the most exciting theater in sports is a question we don’t need to answer. It’s for some, it’s not for others, miniature American flags for others. With The game’s opening, ramping up the score and action, and some pretty intense storylines (oh hello, Toronto), will have some entertainment value for anyone who can sign up.

But, you might be thinking, it’s a packed sports calendar in April and May. You also have the NBA Playoffs, the MLB season going on at the same time. You don’t have time to watch all the NHL playoffs. And you don’t have to! We’re here to tell you what should take precedence and what you can take a back seat to. and what you can completely ignore. Life is about economy of motion sometimes, and that includes which buttons you press on the remote or how often. So let’s kick this pig!

We’ll go in sequential order and Rate each series on the atmosphere in the stands and the Action on the ice.

To follow Sam’s burnout trying to keep up with all the playoffs, follow him on Twitter @Felsgate.

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