Russell Wilson drives into the bunker and flips the golf cart


The jokes write themselves.

The jokes write themselves.
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Even if it’s not true, and this sounds like “too good,” I had to write about Russell Wilson, maybe pushing a golf cart into a bunker during a field trip to Arrowhead Golf Course in Littleton, Colorado. The possibilities for pranks are endless. and honestly, the pressure to find the best one is making me anxious. So, I’m going to share the tweet about Wilson’s alleged impromptu visit to the beach and give myself a couple of minutes to think of one.

The Broncos haven’t won at Arrowhead since 2015, but this is getting out of hand. That’s a bit too much on the nose. I haven’t seen a shank this bad at Arrowhead since week 17. Not quite yet.

What if I know Russ has been trying to bury his head in the sand since mid-October, but there are better ways to do it? It’s mid-April and the Broncos players are still taking L’s in Arrowhead?

damn, this is stressful. I know Twitter is already having a field day with this, and I wish I had more time for a well-crafted comment, but not in this day and age of 24/7 news cycles. and lively group text threads. If you can’t get at least two “Haha” reactions to your golf cart jokes from Danger-Russ, he has the beige paint persona. and you should focus more on sharing funny stories rather than being funny yourself.

The world needs ditch diggers too.

Yeah, I’m holding off until I come up with something better, more fun, Tim.he inAhem. Okay, I think I have one. How can the Broncos trust Russ to consistently drive their offense 80 yards when he can’t drive a golf cart 18 holes? Boom. Print it out, Jeeves.


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