The Morning After: Netflix struggles with its live streaming technology

Two weeks ago, Netflix confirmed that it would broadcast live the Love is blind Reunion of the fourth season. But when the time came, first it was delayed, then after an hour Netflix pulled the plug. The streaming service soon tweeted an apology and aired the meeting yesterday.

This was only Netflix’s second attempt to broadcast live. It’s the first, the Chris Rock comedy special. selective Outrage, broadcast live in March. But Netflix edited out their material on being beaten up by Will Smith at the Oscars. Rock got a movie name wrong in a punchline when he was performing live and corrected himself mid-delivery. The streaming service later fixed the issue. Netflix also owns the rights to stream the Screen Actors Guild Awards live next year, which should give it plenty of time to work out those technical difficulties.

–Matt Smith

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Help train a conservation-focused AI model by listening to the sounds of fish.



Google’s new project, a collaboration with marine biologist Steve Simpson and marine ecologist Mary Shodipo, is training AI to recognize the sounds of aquatic wildlife, hoping to replenish them and raise awareness of problem habitats in the sea. ocean. Earth’s coral reefs have been declining thanks to climate change, overfishing and pollution. The project has volunteers online who listen to some reefs and point out the noises of the fish. It is exciting? No. But at least it works, unlike the Love is blind live broadcast

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But you won’t know exactly which design you’re paying for until later.

After launching its .Swoosh web3 platform in November, Nike is set to introduce its first set of digital collectibles today. The company has announced that the Our Force 1 (or OF1) series of “virtual creations” will be available to guests on May 8, while general access opens on May 10. You can choose to purchase one of two boxes, Classic Remix or New Wave, and each will cost $19.82.

That gives you a digital box, but you won’t know what layout you have. At an undisclosed date after May 10, Nike will reveal all OF1 boxes, but you can choose not to open the box, leaving it as a virtual Schrödinger sneaker situation.

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Use cues to animate text, and add bonus material, music, and sound effects to your projects.



Adobe announced Monday that it’s working on more AI updates, coming to Firefly’s beta program later this year. Building on the company’s long-running AI program Sensei, Firefly is a suite of generative AI models that can create and transform audio, video, artwork, and 3D models using text prompts in the same way Dall does. -E and ChatGPT. Firefly features are available now in Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, After Effects, and Photoshop, and these new features will be accessible through the closed beta program later this year. They are to help professional editors reduce their heavy lifting by increasing color levels, inserting placeholder images, adding effects, and even recommending additional material autonomously for video projects.

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