The NBA should adopt the CBA’s penalties for tanking

If he nba want to discuss how to discourage teams from strategic tanking, they should borrow from the Chinese Basketball Association playbook. In the basketball exchange program, the rest of the world learned the game by watching the NBA, American hoopers integrated the European step into their skill development, and the NBA took the lead. mid season tournament of the Euroleague and soccer. Meanwhile, the CBA imports American hoopers and even picks up some of the worst habits in the NBA. On Monday, the CBA announced the expulsion of the Shanghai Sharks and Jiangsu Dragons of the postseason for their attempts to rack up multiple games in the postseason.

The incident, which the CBA has characterized as a match-fixing scandal, stemmed from the Sharks “giving up” in the second half of Game 2, in a brazen attempt to mitigate the four-game suspension imposed on the former CBA guard. NBA, Eric. Bledsoe (pictured above). The idea was that by extending the series to a third game, Bledsoe would only miss the first game of the quarterfinal series against the Shenzhen Leopards. It was a risky move considering a Game 3 loss would end his season anyway and render his machinations moot. To make matters worse, they were too obvious.

In the final two minutes of Game 3, that’s almost what happened as the Dragons took a 100-96 lead until they spontaneously blew up and committed five straight turnovers that sparked a 10-0 Sharks run. On Saturday, the CBA announced that it would investigate and punishment was handed out on Monday.

In addition to postseason banishment, both teams were fined 5 million yuan, head coaches were banned from applying their trade in the CBA for three years (Li nan) and five years (Li Chunjiang), both general managers were suspended for several years, and both teams’ records for the entire season were expunged from the official record. The only people who came out of the CBA’s iron fist unscathed were the mascots and the training staff.

Tanking is nothing new in the NBA

Tanking has a long and storied history in the NBA. It’s a polarizing trend that’s surreptitiously discussed in basketball’s C-Suites and discouraged by the commissioner’s suite, but has never been executed to the extent that the Sharks and Dragons did. However, by the league’s trend, it’s only a matter of time before we get to that juncture. Oriental Sports Daily writer Xue Sijia, who lives in Shanghai, also referenced Dallas’ loss to “playoff contention to improve chances of keeping their first-round pick in the next NBA Draft” as justification.

Adam Silver may strike a harsh disciplinarian and disappointed tone in public when addressing the league’s 30 teams, but when it comes time for punishment, he’s a Disneyland dad who lets them get away with repeat violations.

The NBA recently fined cuban markthe dallas mavericks $750,000 for conduct detrimental to the league for benching their star players for their season finale (although it could be argued that playing they in tandem it was an equally effective tanking method) in an attempt to secure his protected top-10 pick in 2023. Last November, Silver told teams he was “putting them on notice.”

They had so little fear of him dropping the hammer that when faced with a brazen tank tactic, Silver made such lukewarm judgment of Dallas that Cuban felt empowered to make a decision. mockery of thand nba matching your fine with a donation from your own to charity. Can you imagine the message it would send if the NBA suspended jason kidd and general manager Nico Harrison for a significant period of time for their disregard for the competitive spirit of The Association?

I feel Marvin Berry calling Chuck Berry with that new sound you are looking for. Harsh punishment is the tank solution the NBA has been looking for. Unfortunately, we won’t see it happen because that would likely mark the beginning of the end of Adam Silver’s employment. The NBA Board of Governors has all the power in the NBA. Silver didn’t even have the authority to directly delete Roberto Sarver. The CBA is governed by a state agency and headed by President-elect Yao Ming. And you can already imagine the diatribes that would come out of the Mouth of Enes Kanter and their ilk if the NBA borrowed tougher penalties from “Communist China.”

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