WWE Hall of Famer diagnosed with multiple serious issues while in hospital for 4 months; sends out urgent appeal to fans

A WWE Hall of Famer is still in critical condition after four months of hospitalization. The manager of superstar Billy Graham’s Facebook profile provided an update on the star’s condition and also sent out an urgent appeal.

Billy Graham’s wife provided an update a few weeks ago on the legend’s health issues. She was dealing with congestive heart failure, diabetes, and hearing loss, and she said that he was “100% deaf” and had lost 65 pounds as a result.

The report was very discouraging and the legend was in the hospital for over three months at the time.

The WWE star’s Facebook manager has now provided more updates on the superstar’s health and everything that went wrong. He said that four months had passed since the star had been in the hospital or rehab center. She has lost 80 pounds in her position and as a result she is very weak.

The WWE legend is also deaf as a result of his osteomyelitis infection. On top of everything else, she has been suffering from heart and lung problems and was also suffering from kidney problems and was on dialysis.

“As a result of this infection, he is currently completely deaf. We pray that this is temporary and will resolve as the infection is treated. He has also suffered intermittent kidney problems and has been on dialysis. This in addition to Billy’s heart and lung problems, sores from being in bed for 4 months and depression.

The admin also sent out an urgent appeal on behalf of the superstar, sharing the GoFundMe link in the post. Due to illness, his wife has not been able to be by his side either.

We at Sportskeeda wish WWE Legend Superstar Billy Graham a speedy recovery.

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